Crossrail to Ebbsfleet (C2E) is a high-impact infrastructure scheme designed to realise the full value of Crossrail One. It will see the Elizabeth line extended to Ebbsfleet Garden City, completing the original vision of Crossrail as a corridor reaching across London and into three surrounding counties: Berkshire, Essex and Kent. 

A Corridor for Growth 
Businesses unite
to back C2E investment

Major businesses call on Government 

to back C2E to the next phase. 

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London City Airport
joins the C2E Campaign

London City Airport announces it is joining the C2E Campaign. 

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Six Big Benefits
 Supporting London's growth 

Underpinning the regeneration of 8km of Thames river-front - a unique development opportunity within the M25. 

 A Strategic interchange 
 for Kent 

Establishing a strategic interchange between HS1 and the Elizabeth line outside the M25, providing a major economic stimulus for Dartford, Gravesend and  Ebbsfleet. 

55,000 new homes

C2E will help bring forward up to 55,000 new homes where there is strong demand, with a blend of affordability and density.

50,000 new jobs

C2E will help create nearly 50,000 jobs - strengthening the commercial hubs in the corridor, and supporting innovative new businesses.

 A Major Boost to the
Thames Estuary 

Providing a stimulus throughout Kent - helping accelerate planned developments across the county.  



The full value of Crossrail, for a fraction of its cost. 

C2E will finish the job - realising the full, original vision of Crossrail for a modest cost. The route is safeguarded, and requires no expensive tunneling. 

Backed by Business

C2E will supercharge development and is a unique opportunity to add a station at London City Airport – directly connecting the estuary to international markets via London City Airport.

Robert Sinclair
Chief Executive
London City Airport

Getting behind the project gives confidence to businesses large and small and supports inward investment. Critically, businesses across the London needed staff to be able to live in the capital and south east, and this project is a huge boost in unlocking the building of thousands of homes in areas that need it most.

Colin Stanbridge
Chief Executive
London Chamber of Commerce

C2E will directly connect Heathrow with parts of South East London and North Kent - making it even easier for business and leisure travellers to reach Heathrow by public transport.

John Holland-Kaye
Chief Executive
Heathrow Airport

There is a significant opportunity to harness private sector expertise, innovation and investment in new models of delivering housing growth and much needed infrastructure improvement across London and beyond - the extension of Crossrail to Ebbsfleet can be an important demonstrator project in achieving this.

John Dickie
Director of Strategy and Policy  
London First 

We are very supportive of a connection at Ebbsfleet linking HS1 to the Elizabeth line, which will enhance connectivity for passengers in the South East and join up regional transport links.

Dyan Crowther
Chief Executive
HS1 Ltd

C2E would be crucial investment in a sub-region with real connectivity challenges and containing some areas facing economic hardship, held back from growth opportunities. The programme would be a huge catalyst in overcoming these challenges and enable business growth and significant investment in an area with huge potential.

Christian Brodie
Chief Executive
South East LEP
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critical intervention for the Thames Estuary

The C2E Extension

C2E will see the Elizabeth Line extended beyond Abbey Wood, along the route safeguarded in 2008. When complete, the extension will fulfil the original vision for Crossrail, with the South East branch extending  into Kent, just as the North East branch extends into Essex. 



Since the south east branch was truncated during the final design of the Elizabeth line, The C2E Partnership has worked to answer the technical and economic challenges involved.  The large-scale housing and development plans shift the dial on the economic return along the corridor, and has transformed the value case for C2E. 

Unlocking three major opportunity areas

Ebbsfleet is emerging as the UK’s first new garden city, delivering 15,000 new homes for the region and establishing itself as an important commercial hub.

Bexley Riverside is one of London’s most significant development opportunities, with over 1,100 acres of under-used industrial land along 8km of prime river-front location. The low profile of the industrial makeup, combined with low land prices, establish the conditions for major development if connectivity can be enhanced. 

In Dartford, a major new residential community is being planned with potential for 5,000 new homes around a revitalised town centre. This is in addition to the major development already underway. 

Supporting new homes and development across Kent



C2E will provide an economic stimulus

that reaches across Kent, building on the major growth in housing and new employment sites already planned.

Planned housing development

Planned employment development

Connecting Kent and Heathrow for the first time. 

Reducing car journeys to Heathrow

Establishing a strategic interchange outside the M25

Around 2 million journeys were made between Kent and Heathrow last year. The vast majority of these were made by car via a long stretch of the M25.

C2E will transform public transport access to Heathrow from Kent and South East London, providing Kent with its first direct link to the airport.

By establishing the interchange between Crosrail and HS1, Ebbsfleet will be able to act as a seamless link between Heathrow and towns across Kent. 

This will open up new routes within and between Kent and South East London, and cut journey times between European destinations and South East London, for example saving around 20 minutes on a journey between Paris and Canary Wharf. 

A Partnership for Change

The partnership brings together authorities from across London and Kent. In London, the partnership  includes the Greater London Authority, Transport for London and the London Borough of Bexley. And in Kent: Kent County Council, Dartford Borough Council and  Gravesham Borough Council. As well as the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, and the Thames Gateway Kent Partnership.

The C2E Partnership was established in 2016 to oversee work in support of the C2E extension. This includes detailed technical work, as well as wider developments that enhance the economic return of the scheme within its corridor and the Thames Estuary.